How to make images while traveling

about when to find time when traveling for photography what to explore and capture.


How to shoot stock photography

basic stock images and how tos.


Traveling with your camera

How to travel with your camera,
taking care and precautions, Show video on how camera lenses are stolen etc.
just speak about basic precautiions.

We are planning a trip to Hatta

It has been a long time since I have plan a trip like this before. I decided to do it, as the weather still remains excellent.

The weather is the key reason why people can go out and shoot.

Decided to research more about what I want to shoot.

Titled this project Hatta Dam.

My first go to research site is Google Images. After looking at all the images on Hatta Dam, I narrowed down on a location. Using a software called Steraium to find the Milky Way. I would predict where the Milky Way would appear and move as time passes.


The Time to Pray

Prayer has been proved as a way to self-talk for some people. For the centuries, we have learned to associate prayer with religion, and belief. This is true when it applies to your mind control and self talk.

The different ways of prayer and the rules that go with it has always made me curious.

According to Islamic traditions, Muslims have to pray five times a day because (the reason goes here). I feel that this religious practice makes a man disciplined and promotes social activities with fellow muslim followers.

When people pray, they relate to God On a higher level. They unload a lot of stress happening as they life goes by.

People have followed specific methods or ‘rituals’ how to pray based on what has been passed down from religious leaders