Jan 20

Do you trust what you see in photographs.

To begin this discussion, I want to take you to this article, which  shows us a collection of images where the actual image displayed is truly remarkable, along with the surroundings of the image that it was taken in. As a photographer, it is a known habit to scan the photo to find out how the image was captured and the small details that make the photo look so remarkable.

Gladly, the post shows that secret clearly. But that the start of journey, as a viewer you may either get inspired on how creative the photographer is and till what extent the photographer went to capture the striking images or you might just feel disgust on how unimpressive the surroundings are and that the surroundings don’t relate with the image.

Photography is all about creativity. We often credit the photographer’s creative mind as the star reason for the image, not the camera, subject or even the concept. But simply it is the talented photographer who manages to convey a creative angle to their audience, portraying a particular concept through props, location and subject.

So I request you to search similar projects and practice them yourself in order to get better at them. List down exciting concepts and follow them by research and action. Pursue these projects and publish them regularly. To cull your work, it is necessary to draw your attention on the small details. You must be able to show a concept, story or a point of view to your audience. The more clearer it gets the better and more talented of a photographer you become. Remember it is a journey.

In closing, I wanted to share the post to highlight the ordinary environments that photographers take extraordinary images. This is possible and must be the ultimate goal of any photographer. Look around and get inspired with what is around you. Although the title of the post can come across as misleading. My intentions were to inspire you to look behind the images and wonder how the images were taken and definitely try the same with your projects.

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