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How important is customer service

The best customer service is reaching to satisfy the customer experience. The challenges faced is finding out what are the perceptions that each customer have before facing the product or service. But there are a lot of preparation or prenotion about the future state of an experience that they are going to have.

Looking at the customer reason to arrive at the location, or the reason to choose to interact with the product or service. There are many stages that the organisation must realise or define. But the important part is the customer or potential customer choose what stage he/she will take or skip.

Hence the company must agile to be flexible to scrap those stages or offer those stages when requested.

There are actors and location that play an important role.

Here are the various sections that are

  • Waiting for a long time, now. Customer service is more of an individual thing on how long does the customer trust the actors on how they are dealing with the customer. It is very important to check on the customer experience on a regular basis. As emotions and priorities changes during the interaction

Touch point for the customers

  • ->> what are the touchpoints possible for an organization to implement. What are the guidelines priorities factors needed to be implemented in an internal study.

Observed skill behavior to attend to customer’s need by simply observing

How important is it to notice and be aware of customer state. You have to notice how people dress. I was observed a napkin as he noticed my head full of sweat. It was non judgement and helpful.

Perception of Physical Location/Store

  • The most important thing is the physical location and facilities for the customer to feel welcomed but more important how he perceive that his problem is being attended too and wherever his time is not been wasted. –>>find out research that points to how important is physical location to change customer perception and improve customer experience.


  • EQ training on customer service such as empathy, sympathy is important for the staff as it helps guiding the customer through the journey of interaction and curiousity. –>>find out how important is EQ training to staff to improve the customer interaction

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