Oct 16

Zher voo zon pree, Seychelles

Rocks on the right with a palm tree

Rocks on the right with a palm tree

The beautiful island of Seychelles brings nature to your footsteps. Beaches and sand is the only two things you will think about.

Side view of the beach

Side view of the beach

I found the island to be bliss, relaxing and at the same time, adventurous. Low tide can change the landscape around you. Seychelles has created that environment where you can quiet and listen to nature at it’s best. A definite place to go to, if tranquility and time to recharge is what you are looking for.

Seychelles has started a big drive towards promoting tourism ecology. It’s more like building back what has been used from the environment. We always think of Eco-friendly as doing extra to give back. Yes, it is, but our mentality must change. From now henceforth, We must think of it, as a way of life for the future. Preserve what’s around us. Consume only what is necessary. Agile development/lifestyle.

The people are very friendly. Most of the people here are of African descent. People were brought to work in plantations, made by the French colonists and stay on till the British took over. 16.6% of the Seychelles economy depends on tourism. Industrial fishing is one of the major economic drivers.

The weather in August is pleasant, amazing for sunbathing and not too hot for just walking and trekking on the beaches. Occasionally winds would cheer you up, as you look into the sea or chill you up while you are kayaking. The heat can get you, so it is important to carry your sunscreen.

So visit Seychelles to relax and recharge.

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