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This is why everyone talking about composition?

It is very important to understand how a image is read and consume. For that you have to understand the different role players involved so that you as a photographer can skillfully manipulate.

How To Get People To Like Subject.

Your chosen theme usually is wrapped about a concept, feelings and person. The concept is usually display across the image, as in the feelings or the mood that you feel after you have consume the image is usually what concept is and what is built upon. With feelings, it is quite obvious that the subject is showing while interacting with other objects and subjects in the image. As a photographer, your style develops as you understand your craft and you are able to portray that. The more that you can show the concept in your image, the better you have evolve. There are many learning paths, concepts and subject around the universe so learning is always as I like to call it ‘ Perpetually Work in Progress’. Now what I mean by ‘show’ is how well you can show to your audience i.e. viewer.

Is Viewer Still Relevant?

The human consuming your image deserve some thing of treat in terms of sense of control of her/his feelings that can be either excitement or sadness. As a creative person, you have to make sure that you have used your talents to allow the viewers to taste all parts of your image or selective part to fully relish the whole image, leaving with a sense of full satisfaction and inspiration. You have to gauge your viewers and select your audience and sometime put them in buckets based on experience, cultures and personalities.

This Is Why Composition Rules Is So Famous!

Here are the main composition rules that I use 80% of the time. I will leave a list of other composition rules that you can search more about.

Leading Lines

This is the most fun part of finding the best compositions. It definitely not the easier but you will have to change your way of looking at subjects, maybe studying them. Lines and Curves are often seen at dividing the screen and often separating the view. This can be used to portray a story and to draw your eyes into the image, by skilfully guiding your eyes.

Follow the leading lines, that lead your eyes into the image
Once again follow the lines, they bring your eyes into the image

Rule of thirds

This is one of the most used composition technique or at least every photographer tells you to apply this technique in your photos. But what is it actually, in practice you must place your subjects at the interact point where two horizontal lines and vertical lines are drawn equally spaced met.

Here I have two images shot with the object on the ground, one where the object of focus i.e. subject is in the centre and the other where the rule of thirds is applied to the subject.

Symmetrical Composition

Having symmetry in your photographs draws eyes to your image, as it grounds the image properly by making it more secure and stable. There are two lines or points that draw your eyes into the same points from two opposite side. This reconfirms the composition of the image. Having one symmetry line where both the other sides of the image is a mirror of itself. This is the minimum, but what makes the image more compelling is where there is two symmetry lines. This anchors the image, this drawn to the neatness and cleanliness of the image. This would definitely attract certain audience to look out or are drawn to order in their expression and taste.

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