Jul 21

What I Want To Tell About Bongoyo Islands

Although this is a new entry, I had visited Bongoyo Island long before. I decided to share this, mainly as a journal entry to myself on this epic journey.

Now for some background information. Dar Es Salaam is situated on the east coast of Africa. It is the capital of Tanzania, with a population of 1 million( as told to me by the taxi driver). In Dar, the people were so warm and friendly. The people are so simple and very happy with their normal life there. This time, I decided to do something more relaxing. We plan to take a trip to an isolated island, which was the nearest. The island consists of a beach, forest which has numerous trails and apparently world war memorials( sunken ships and Hilter’s summer bungalow).
We took a taxi to Slipway, which is 15 minutes away.(it costs us TZS 10,000). Usually, there is a schedule for the ferry to the island. But since we have a group big to fit his ferry. He agreed although we arrived late. The timings of the ferry start early as 0930. It is advisable to check with the hotel concierge first.

There are two places, where you can rent snorkels and flippers. One at the time of booking the ferry and other on the boat or the island. The better option is to rent it on the boat. The rates of each piece of equipment was TZS 2000.
The staff operating the ferry were very friendly. We had a good chat (although we spoke different language). It took us a good 30 minutes across to the island.

The island was amazing. So beautiful. On reaching the beach, we order our food right away because it takes a long time. The cook would catch fresh fish (from the nearby fisherman) and fried it on the island and served it with chips. Later we had lunch. It was a cheap meal, yet tasty as the fish was fresh.

I decided to take a walk around the island. The island was amazingly big, there were trails in the forest aka grasslands, which was easy to follow. I was exhausted, so I returned half-way. I changed my course along the beach. It was so beautiful.

We returned back by 14:30 to Slipway and headed back to the hotel thereafter. The whole trip was totally worth it. Although it was quiet, as not crowded by tourist. I found the trip to be rewarding, as we met geninue locals who were friendly and curious about us ( and likewise ). We have a great interaction.

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