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Where to shoot your next best landscape images

Landscape Photography has always been perceived through images of mountains, trees, water bodies, man-made structure and sometimes include human to emphasize the element of distance and scale. 

Initially trying to capture the moonlight falling on the mountainside. But can’t avoid the city light pollution, a common threat for night landscape photography.


Let me emphasize that using a human in your landscape has been very effective, as it shows the element of scale. But mainly it creates a ‘David and Goliath’ effect to stimulate the feeling of humility and awe. We often get attracted to objects that are perceived to be more larger and bigger than us.
It is most common that photographer enthusiasts start exploring landscape photography initially, as it is considered as one of the easiest of all photography genres. But when you explore deep into the subject, you realize there is so much more planning, research, and technique involved in taking the best landscape photographs. 


Planning your shot, which may be called ‘Scouting‘ starts right from selecting the theme, then moves on to a destination or a set of places that you have access to. Scouting is vital, as it prevents small minor issues that you are almost certain to face. You can visualize your image in the future. The most important part in landscape photography is getting the right access to showcase your subject. As an ardent landscape photographer, you must understand that there are many combinations of these two variables i.e. best light and right point or access.


Your tools to capture light may be different. The best advice, that I can give you is to use what you have. Learn to use and study on how I can better my art form. For example, all landscape photos scream out ‘ Use a wide angle lens ‘, but that is not true most of the time. For example, a long telephoto lens can help to compress the images, bringing the foreground and background closer, which is popularly used in landscape photography. I would advise you to run away from people, who says that ‘you need a particular tool’ for photography. To summarise, let your creativity capture your imagination and let that show your work to the outside world


When you set outside to capture landscape photos, the weather could be your best friend but most of the time it could be your worst enemy. Don’t give up hope and just shoot. Although you will have to prepare much more for the bad weather in terms of protecting yourself and your equipment. That’s the price you pay to get some amazing images in all weather and environment. Believe me that the more unique your images look are, the more appreciation you are going to receive.


It is important for the photographer to learn all the rules of photography but they must also learn how to break them creatively and when they need to. In other words, a photographer must not be bounded by rules of photography but the rules of photography must be a way of guiding the photographer to the perfect picture. Make your image simple and have less clutter, as this will distract the viewer.

A typical campsite, it is important to get a tent which protects you against the elements such as cold and wind.

As you capture your images remember this is not the final, you have to revisit the same location again. As I mentioned earlier that it is important to get the right combination with right angle and location and right light i.e. time of the day. It is important to visit and spend more time researching the location.

Try different points and angles when shooting a particular subject, even if that includes a few steps away from each other. The results can be night and day, totally different from each other. Using a foreground can also introduce a different meaning your image, changing the theme totally. So try moving around the subject, bending low and close to your subject to capture a good result image.

Another interesting point of pursuing Landscape Photography is the appreciating the beauty of the natural environment. Most of the natural landscape photographer’s work was recognized to further involvement in developing natural parks in the United States and the photographers such as Ansel Adams and others got highest civilian awards for their works.

Good luck with pursuing Landscape Photography. I would love to hear your comments and action that you’d taken. Please leave your comments.

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    Great simple ideas and steps to follow that we usually take for granted. Thanks for this.

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    Awesome work buddy… keep it up… share the knowledge…

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